Growth Mindset

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Are you teaching your child to have a growth mindset?

Did you know a person's brain is malleable?  This means the brain is like a muscle, when you exercise your brain, it gets stronger.  How do you exercise your brain?

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Ways to use Growth Mindset at home
  • Attribute success to hard work, not being smart
  • Praise effort
  • Model being flexible when things don't go as planned
  • Find areas where your child can be successful and thrive
  • Provide opportunities for your child to try new things

Examples of Growth Mindset Language

Instead of Saying…

Try Saying…

You are athletic!

You really work hard and pay attention to what the coach is teaching you!

You are so smart!

I can tell you work hard in school!

You are such a little artist.

I love your art!  Your practice has really been paying off.

Your good grades make me happy.

I am so proud of how hard you work in school.

Reference:  Mindsets in the Classroom, Ricci